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Join us once-weekly at Pendle Women's Forum.

On now!

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Creative wellbeing is a new project developed by Community Arts by ZK in response to the restrictions and difficulties we have all experienced during the pandemic. We have invited Pendle Women’s Forum to join the project with two assistant psychologists, Ameera Iqbal and Charlotte Harding from NHS Lancashire & South Cumbria to promote wellbeing and creativity through art. The sessions will offer opportunities to relax, enjoy, develop relationships, all of which will help to support self- healing and inspire people to discover new skills and interests.

We’re excited to be introducing Jennene Whitely to Community Arts by ZK, Jennene is a professional community artist. She will lead the series of 10 workshops as our Artist- in Residence in Pendle.  

The project will encourage conversations between the participants, artist and psychologists and encourage people to share stories and experiences. We aim to make the workshops fascinating, therapeutic and of course fun!

"Art washes away
from the soul the dust
​of everyday life..."

​Pablo Picasso