The project “Rise Up Community” was supported by Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership and involved a series of Art/ Textiles workshops for Families  all across Pendle from a range of cultural, faith and social backgrounds.  We worked closely with Syrian refugees, asylum seekers from different parts of the world, alongside Asian British and white British to promote integration


The workshops were a ‘hands on’ approach with a strong emphasis on community cohesion, heritage and landscape of Pendle Hill.  Artist Zaneb Khatun from community Arts by ZK used Pendle hill, heritage and landscape to create themes for the art workshops. The participants had the opportunity to express themselves and communicate, thoughts, ideas of Pendle Hill heritage and Landscape through art and textiles they learned new skills which were developed from the workshops.


The workshop sessions included textiles and art practices, including weaving, block printing, screen printing, different dying techniques, felting and fabric manipulation, batik  stitch, patchwork, and various painting and drawing techniques.   Many field trips to Pendle Hill, where organised for the group, allowing the Syrian refugees and asylum seekers who are new to the area to lean about the heritage of ware they now reside including other’s cultures and adapt and  help them fit into the British way of life and enjoying the beautiful landscape of Pendle Hill and breathtaking surrounding.


Using Art as a tool and engage members of our diverse neighbourhoods in the creation of Art/ textiles to expel segregation and create friendship and a stronger community and interrogation.  Art workshops provide a common goal (the creation of work) from the gathering of participants from a diverse range of backgrounds.  This also creates a unique 'space' for conversation where knowledge of each others' neighbour becomes stronger.