A project with Lancashire County Council, working with the young people, Community Arts by ZK was asked to produce an art piece on the issue of ‘child sexual exploitation’, the aim of the piece being to draw the attention of young people, and at the same time creating awareness of this sensitive and serious issue through art.


This project, involved with The Zone, in Burnley, Lancashire, was delivered as a range of workshops that covered a variety of arts and crafts techniques, allowing young people to have a hands on approach. 

Working with young people from the age group 12 – 19 and also with young people with special education needs (SEN), a final piece was produced to show what is a good relationship and what is not a good relationship. The character, Tina, had her story told through the creation of different situations to show young people that exploiting and grooming is not what a relationship should be about.


Every individual in the group contributed to the final art piece by working on a scenario; each which was then put together, this gave each participant a sense of achievement of what they individually and collectively produced at the end.  The final piece is on display permanently at The Zone, Burnley, allowing further discussion and thought around the issues explored within this project.


The purpose of the art piece is to increase engagement in formal education through supporting creative approaches to teaching and learning; the art piece will have a strong impact on people and changing lives.

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