Community Arts by ZK partnered up with Little Marsden Parish Centre in Pendle and worked collaboratively on the project Neighbourhood Arts, which was funded by Clinical Commissioning Group.


The project is about the kind of creativity that can flow when people gather and find their needs engaged in, and their dignity recognised as being of value to the flourishing of neighbourhoods. The activity involved conversation between people as they gather and share in the creation of pieces of art work.


Artist Zaneb Khatun delivered a series of art workshops for people in Nelson from a range of cultural, faith and social backgrounds to take part in.

The workshops were “hands-on” and engaged members of our diverse neighbourhoods through the creation of art.

As well as the art activity, the sessions included conversations about the passion we share to use creativity as a means of improving the personal and social health of a neighbourhood. From these conversations came the themes which Zaneb used in the art.

Art workshops were delivered to all age ranges including children, young people, adults and the older generation.