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A series of artworks by Zaneb Khatun taking inspiration from the different people and cultures that reside in Pendle as well as its cultural heritage and inspiring landscapes.

This has been translated into rich, flamboyant and vibrant colours and patterns; Zaneb Khatun finds herself engrossed by the unusual colour combinations and patterns and how they combine to create a certain mood, experience, or atmosphere.  Working closely with community members, Zaneb has taken inspiration from discussions around culture and ways of life here, which have informed the final artworks.


The paintings and fabrics are inspired by the beautiful landscapes and cultures around Pendle. The designs and artwork glow with positive energy.  The combinations of mixed media, pattern, texture and colour bring joy to the local community.


Hand-dying techniques, painting techniques & digital printing were used to create these pieces.


This was a self-directed project funded by Arts Council England and supported by In-Situ.

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