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Artist Zaneb Khatun delivered a project called Community Minds, creating opportunities for young people and families from different cultures who reside in Pendle to participate in. The project bought people together through engaging and accessible art and craft workshops for all to enjoy, with a strong emphasis on community cohesion.

Community Minds gave young people and families from Pendle the opportunity to work with artist Zaneb Khatun and explore and learn a range of art and craft techniques, by coming up with creative solutions to make a difference to people's lives.

Community Minds allowed people from different walks of life in Pendle to come together, including bringing different faiths and a mix of exciting cultures to work together. Children and young people, parents and families including the older generations, working with families and communities from different faiths who reside within Pendle and steering communities to come together and expel segregation in Pendle.


Artist Zaneb Khatun combined traditional textiles techniques with contemporary practice, by delivering a series of workshops covering weaving, fabric manipulation (through stitch and dying techniques), block printing, embroidery, patchwork, painting, drawing, hand felting, screen printing, fashion illustration and much more, allowing the participants to document their creations in a sketchbook for their own personal reference. A final art piece was collaboratively produced by the community group, who all contributed input. This was displayed at a library in Pendle, Lancashire for the public to view.


Project funded by the Arts Council England

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