Community Arts by ZK delivered a project called Pendle Horizons funded by Awards for All, this activity involved a series of Art/textiles workshops for the community across Pendle from a rage of cultural and social backgrounds.  the Workshops were a hands-on approach with a strong emphasis on Textile Art, engaging members of our diverse neighbourhoods/ communities in the creation of Art for a public display.  Pendle Horizons bought families together from different walks of life who reside In Pendle across all age rages, everyone was given the opportunity to be involved.  The project involved a series of Art/ Textile workshops delivered by Artist Zaneb Khatun with a strong emphasis on community cohesion, allowing people to come together share and learn new skills, to help build friendships and a stronger community. 


The participatants learned a range of Textile/ Art practices, including weaving, block printing, different screen-printing techniques, ways of dying your own fabrics and mixing dyes, fabric manipulation, patchwork, stich, painting and drawing techniques and learn how to design accessories. A research filed trip to Manchester to w The Whitworth art gallery to view current exhibitions,  participants had the opportunity to showcase they work in a final exhibition, for thry family, friends and people in the community to come and view they achievements., allowing them to build thy confidence and speak about what they performance and give them a moment of being pound of they work and sucsses.


 The use of art workshops have may life-enhancing qualities at both person and social levels, it has the ability to gather, speak for itself, and be entered into a language of genuine, personal experience, without judgments being made to participates due to a person lack of verbal or written skills, the aim of the project was to have an impact on people’s lives, which was evidently achieved through this project. .