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Our Take Heart in Art project provided fun, therapeutic and engaging art workshops. Our Artist in Residence, Sue Ripley, from Yorkshire, delivered a variety of face-to-face and online workshops that engaged families from across Pendle. These included textile mono-printing, transfer printing, shibori and brush making.


Community Arts by ZK adapted to new ways of working and created a Covid Secure environment for our community and artist to work in.

We also welcomed an artist from Manchester - Wil Judkins, whose specialism is illustration. Wil inspired the community online by producing artwork for people to respond to and enjoy in these dark times.

Take Heart in Art explored shared experiences and values, providing an opportunity for people to understand and empathise with others and improved overall mental health and well-being. These workshops gave participants from BAME backgrounds the chance to escape from the disruption and stress of their situation and bought back a sense of togetherness, joy and comfort through art. 


People are often able to express in their artwork that which they cannot express in words; inevitably, this improved communication and alleviated the suffering caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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