Super Slow Way has offered Artist Zaneb Khatun, from COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK, to take part in a residency programme to work with a community group called Banner Group who are part of Christ Church in Lancashire. The group use traditional sewing and embroidery crafts techniques and have a lot of projects that they are currently working on, but are keen to try out new ways of working as part of a separate project which could add value to their current practice.

Artist Zaneb Khatun will deliver a series of workshops to the group, using the cultural landscape of Pendle as a theme for the project. The project will have a 'hands on' approach and there will be a strong emphasis on combining traditional arts and crafts techniques with contemporary practice.

Zaneb and the Banner Group will work together to produce something which will be “toured” across the local area, bringing people together as custodians for the piece, a possible legacy piece that could be added to or expanded on in consequent years.

Zaneb and the banner group will work collaboratively with a strong emphasis on community cohesion to provide a blended learning experience for all.


 This will take the form of a mixture of:

  • “skill sharing” sessions between Zaneb and the Banner Group

  •  sessions where members from neighbouring community groups are invited in to share knowledge and experiences

  •  open public events to showcase ongoing work and to allow shared experiences between communities, including coffee mornings, food sharing,    culture and story sharing.