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At the University of Huddersfield, Zaneb Khatun had the opportunity to use a diverse and differentiated teaching and learning style.  This included leading group projects; preparing and advising students on presentation skills as well as dealing with large numbers of students. Khatun actively encouraged collaborative learning to help develop students' creativity, problem-solving skills and effective team-working, as well as preparing them for employment in the design industry. Khatun's ability to devise creative solutions has also been demonstrated in workshop projects from design ideas and technical support involving students exploring textile techniques and digital technologies. Khatun has helped and liaised with colleges to organise relevant field and study trips to increase students' awareness and understanding of the textile craft industry. Khatun has also been involved in individual and group critiques. Through Khatun's high level of teaching projects at The University of Huddersfield, Khatun gained positive feedback from both the staff and students.


Khatun has successfully taught various projects and modules from drawing work design (which gave her the opportunity to manage and lead the final group projects involving students from different disciples), embroidery, woven textiles and knitted textiles. Khatun has worked with contemporary textiles techniques, processes and new technologies, as a lecturer and designer. Khatun has the ability to implement traditional techniques in forward thinking ways by using innovative solutions in the making and designing of contemporary textiles.

As a lecturer at the University of Huddersfield Zaneb Khatun had the opportunity to carry out one to one tutorials with first and second year students, including context and specialisation tutorials. In the tutorials and throughout my teaching, Khatun helped students to conceptualise their ideas and encouraged them to think about innovation and contemporary design.  She worked with students on group projects, encouraging them to think about using their strengths to work collectively and develop successful collaborative learning outcomes. Khatun has undertaken workshop projects, working with students on technical development and problem solving, providing the opportunity to demonstrate her adaptable teaching style. Khatun has been responsible for assessing students’ work in relation to the course criteria, providing students with constructive feedback and cross-moderating students’ work with colleagues. She has been an asset to the team. 

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