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On now!

On now!

Community Arts by ZK invites socially Engaged artist, Emma Long, to work with our women’s group at Nelson Library every Tuesday for 10 weeks (from 29th March 10am - 1pm). Emma is enthused and intrigued by the quirks, characters, and narratives of individuals, using creativity to illuminate the grassroots experiences and stories of people and their communities. Emma invites people to challenge systemic inequalities such as class, race, gender and labels such as ‘deprivation’ and ‘low cultural engagement’ which are externally assigned to a community and to ultimately
provoke an exploration and even reclamation of 'place'.  Emma will deliver creative workshops that invite and welcome people from a non-art background to explore through art what makes Pendle special to all of us, emphasising our individual journeys and creative
paths. Emma aims to ensure that participants experience the wellbeing aspect of the art-making process as makers/co-creators, so that people’s mental and physical health is improved, new skills are learnt, and new friendships are made.