COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK is using Art as a driving force to bring communities together from different age ranges, walks of life and social, cultural backgrounds, with a strong emphasis on community cohesion and integration to help build friendships and a stronger community. Art is a proven way of making a tangible difference to neighbourhoods and there is plenty of evidence to show that the arts as a whole improve personal, social, mental health and well-being.  


COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK creates art projects, activities and workshops which value, encourage and engage people in the community, allowing them to express themselves more effectively and communicate their ideas in a creative way.  Empowering people to become more independent and build their confidence by promoting fulfilment of their potential and enrichment of one’s life through art. Our art projects/workshops activities will give the people of our neighbourhoods a space to explore and express their thoughts. It is often the case that people are able to express in artwork that which they cannot express in words, therefore communication grows and improves between people of all backgrounds.  Allowing members of our diverse neighbourhoods in the creation of art and learning new skills, helping them to thrive, excel, get their hidden talents out there and change their path in life.





COMMUNITY ARTS By ZK's vision is to make a difference to one’s life through utilising art and other creative activities and will be to the benefit of people from all walks of life, especially in regard to their personal and social health and well-being.  We envisage it will stimulate growth in experience and knowledge of different cultures and traditions living alongside each other. 

The social nature of our ideas meets the well-being hopes that wider groups of people take responsibility for the health and well-being of others; “communities and peer networks” thereby creating a “culture change”.  Art, perhaps especially in the variety of styles and methods deployed, can fulfil people's needs to recognise and improve upon their “potential, vulnerability, isolation, inspiration, and have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.”  Our company and activities will allow people in the community to overcome issues they might be facing, such as depression, stress, anxiety, isolation and loneliness, through giving them a chance to get involved.  It is anticipated that we will see an increase in creativity and confidence, self-understanding and personal growth.  This in turn, will lead to greater community and social engagement, as well meeting other “outcomes” such as reducing levels of frequent attenders for non-clinical care.”



COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK is invested in increasing engagement in formal education through supporting creative approaches to teaching and learning.  Through experimenting, educating on and facilitating arts activities, COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK continually strives to create new opportunities for self-understanding and for the stimulation of greater flourishing between people of all races and creeds, we help to push back barriers and steer communities to come together and expel segregation.  This means that our work with BAME continues and is also likely to grow the more our current initiatives involve people of all backgrounds, this is fundamental to our work.


Our Art projects and workshops promote integration in the local community. Segregation is an issue that we address by taking steps to bring people together and engage in a positive way. Our workshops and projects deepen people’s appreciation and understanding of art, and strengthen our own shared culture and experiences. We begin by getting people talking, whilst at the same time, producing beautiful art together.  COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK uses creativity and expertise to come up with creative solutions to make a difference to people`s lives thought art.  This gives us the opportunity to create lasting and meaningful relationships with people from different cultures and allows us to involve them in art activities.




We also work in collaboration with other organisations to focus on community-relevant, solution-focused art.  This is done through projects which are sensitive to the rich and multi-faceted features of local places.  As a community Arts organisation we have had the opportunity to work with a range of establishments from hospitals, women only groups, art organisations, youth zones, children, young people, schools, care homes, community groups, libraries, local authorities, art festivals, Syrian refuges and asylum seekers.  We use Art as a tool to have an impact on local peoples and the issues they face.  For example, helping them build confidence and achieve their dreams and long terms goals, lifting people out of loneliness and isolation to help reshape their future.  We help with specialist projects and gain knowledge of working with people with SEN (Special Educational Needs). We use art for therapy as a tool for promoting well-being, our art programmes are catered to community needs.  We conceive and develop stimulating, forward-thinking projects to bring communities together; working collaboratively with a strong emphasis on community cohesion to provide a blended learning experience for all. 


Our projects and workshops combine traditional textiles techniques with contemporary practice.  Sessions in our workshop cover a broad range of techniques from, fabric manipulation (through stitch and dying techniques), embroidery, patchwork, painting and drawing, crafts, screen printing, digital printing, block printing, illustration, hand felting and weaving.  COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK gives communities a platform to come and explore, learn, share and stay connected by creating enlivening projects and workshops for people in the community to come and join in and take part.  The projects and workshops focus on the kind of creativity that flows when people gather and find their needs engaged in and their dignity recognised as being of value to the flourishing community. The workshops bring a hands-on approach learning specialist art and textiles techniques, creating a place for the community to come and be a part of making friendships and proving a better place for them to live in and allowing new opportunities to grow. 

Our Art workshops provide a common goal (the creation of work) for participants from a diverse range of backgrounds. The projects also create a unique space for conversation where knowledge of each other’s neighbour becomes stronger.  A direct outcome of this will be a reduction in isolation, depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness and new friendships.

It goes without saying that art is creative and therefore stimulates change. It makes people aware that their hopes can become real and that is what COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK encourages.



COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK was founded in 2016 by Zaneb Khatun an experienced community artist and university lecturer, who returned into the life and community of her roots here in Pendle, having been fortunate enough to study in one of the renowned Art schools in the country. Zaneb Khatun was born and raised in Pendle, and returned after completing studies in London at the prestigious Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design.  On returning to the North West of England, she made it her goal to engage with as many representatives as possible from across the social and cultural backgrounds of the district.  Zaneb is committed to the needs of the modern world and feel it’s her duty and responsibility to give something back to the people and the place where she was raised.  In August 2019 COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK became a Community Interest Company CIC registered with Companies House to enable us to take the organisation to the next level, doing bigger projects and help communities to thrive. 


To present date COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK has had the opportunity to work on a rage of projects, as well as working alongside and collaborating with other community groups and organisations within the area. The aim of this organisation is to develop and deliver accessible arts for all, through creating engaging workshops/ project activities across Pendle and the surrounding communities in Lancashire. By working across all age ranges and groups, our focus is to convey unity, engagement, the cultural and social benefits of diversity, and a common passion for the well-being of people in the surrounding community in Lancashire, making a difference to people’s lives through art.  This has been demonstrated on several occasions on the projects we have completed.


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