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At UCLAN, Khatun had the opportunity to work closely with the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, who have strong links to industry. Some of the modules she has delivered include: fashion research, an introduction to research methodologies, traditional techniques, fashion Illustration, design development, an accessory project, industry projects, presentation preparation and final boards. She has worked with final year students on their final collections as well as taking part in the Graduate Fashion Week, Arts Week and other exhibitions, throughout which she has helped students present their work and portfolios in a professional manor.


Khatun has carried out significant work with students on fabric manipulation and has an aptitude for the experimental fusion of fashion and textile ideas. Khatun has helped students develop innovative concepts through experimentation and the use of different techniques whilst working on a research project. She was involved with group critiques, cross moderation and constructive feedback for each of the projects she was involved in. Khatun also had the opportunity to design and write briefs, which involved reviewing the course contents alongside the curriculum and coming up with exciting and stimulating projects which enabled students to challenge themselves and demonstrate their full potential. Khatun has co-ordinated and worked alongside work colleagues to organise final degree shows as well as end of term presentations.


Zaneb Khatun's understanding and proven ability to support students was demonstrated with the opportunity to carry out an assessment of students work and individual needs. The aim was to help the students create action plans in order to improve and develop their projects. This helped Khatun gain knowledge and experience of curriculum planning, pastoral support, prioritisation and delegation, as well as general administrative and organisational skills. Khatun's responsibilities included overseeing all aspects of teaching and learning, organising and developing new briefs, as well as organising and supervising external examiner visits and being responsible for discussing student marks with the external examiner and fulfilling all aspects of administrative duties.  Khatun has also taken part in end of semester assessments and double-marking.


As a lecturer at UCLAN, Zaneb Khatun had the opportunity to utilise a range of different information technology and mediums to provide a blended learning experience for students.

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