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For Halloween, BLAZE arts organised for artists to deliver a range of arts and crafts workshops at Accrington Library. COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK delivered arts and crafts workshops to children, young people and parents.


The workshop saw children and parents making paper pumpkins and various decorations for Halloween.  The concept of the paper pumpkins was for them to be multifunctional in their use.  In Halloween you can use the paper pumpkins as decorations and when Halloween is over the paper pumpkins would turn in to small note books and scrap books; therefore being sustainable and useful. 


The workshop enabled children and parents to work with professional artist Zaneb Khatun, who showed the children how to make the paper pumpkins and helped them form their own designs, giving them independence and the ability to take control and owership over their own creative abilities and at the same time, having fun and interacting with the group.

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