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Working in collaboration with UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire), COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK was responsible for delivering and organising workshops for the summer school. The purpose of the workshops was for all young people to come together and see what university life would be as taster of the kind of work that would be expected to be produced on an art and design course. A high standard of teaching was delivered to the students and they also had the opportunity to work with artist Zaneb Khatun.


Working closely with UCLAN, COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK came up with an exciting workshop which encouraged children to experiment, explore, and challenge themselves through art, whilst also having fun and meeting new people.  Zaneb Khatun conducted a fashion design and illustration activity where the students used collage and mixed media as a drawing tool.  The workshop introduced endless drawing styles using collage techniques, allowing the young people to explore them and put them into practice. The students were encouraged to take full ownership of their work and allow their own drawing style to emerge. This encouraged them to challenge themselves, demonstrate their full potential and most of all, enjoy themselves.


The workshop was a great success within the summer school, which encouraged young people to study art and design related subjects at University.

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