We are looking for new volunteers to join our team
Are you interested in expanding  your knowledge and experiences in the following areas?
  • Working with your local community

  • Working closely with artist, leaning new techniques and skills.

  • Helping organise and deliver creative workshops, events and trips

  • Working with young people, adults, children.

  • Working with people from different backgrounds and learning ant they culture.


We will offer you
  • A positive environment to work in

  • Help build confidence and set new goals

  • Support with travel and expenses

  • A professional and friendly team to work with

  • Extensive training is provided to carry out the role.


If you are interested in art and making a difference
  • Reliable

  • Positive

  • Honest

  • Friendly

  • Approachable

  • Enthusiastic about learning new skills

  • Looking to build your confidence and excel in your work


We would like to hear from you

How to apply

Email:  info@communityartsbyzk.co.uk

“I’m a Syrian refugee I studied Architecture in Syria, but due to the war I had to Flee with my family and now live in Pendle. Community Arts by ZK gave me the opportunity to be creative again, learn new skills and make contact with other people in the community”

Hala Diarbkrly