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Celebrate, Inspire, Engage: The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Monument


To commemorate the Queens Platinum Jubilee that took place in June 2022, our community decided they would like to co-create a permanent artistic, functional, and sustainable monument outside our headquarters at Northlight Estates, Northlight Parade, Brierfield. Our community chose to work with Philippe Handford, a local designer and maker with a passion for using natural and recycled materials; he has won awards for sustainability and functionality. Philippe has a strong belief in simply balanced products through the combination of natural elements with sensitive design. 

Working alongside Philippe Handford in series of workshops our community have designed and created elements that will contribute towards the final monument. Philippe will then design and make the structure. We will have a final reveal and celebration once the sculpture is in place and complete.

The monument will be made from recycled and natural materials, with a section to grow plants, vegetables and herbs. Families have led and made decisions on the design and upkeep of the monument which they would like to act as public seating. Crafted and constructed to a high standard, this landmark will inspire and celebrate creativity and sustainability and improve community cohesion and resilience. 

We have worked across generations on this project, with a particular focus on the South Asian community who are unrepresented and undervalued in arts and culture. Through our workshops we have co-created a response that leaves a legacy, celebrates our diverse community, and commemorates the Queens’s Platinum Jubilee. 

The project had taught new creative making and design skills to those not normally offered such opportunities. Learning new skills and developing social connections is an incredible way to build confidence and self-esteem, improving overall wellbeing.
This is a new way of working for Community Arts by ZK (CAZK) and we would love for the Queen’s Jubilee to be a starting point and learning journey on our path to developing projects that improve run-down spaces bringing creativity and art into them that inspires, represents, and gives a voice to our culturally diverse community.

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