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At Community Arts by ZK, we use art as a driving force to bring communities together from different age ranges, walks of life and social, cultural backgrounds, with a strong emphasis on community cohesion and integration.


We design and deliver art projects, activities, and workshops that value, encourage and engage people in the community, allowing them to express themselves more effectively and communicate their ideas in a creative way. Our workshops and projects cover a broad range of techniques, and we work with creative practitioners and artists from across the world and from a variety of creative disciplines. Examples include fine art, mixed media, photography, traditional and contemporary methods, textiles, environmental artists, installation, and sculpture.


Art has always held the power to stimulate change. It can educate, inform and inspire, as well as helping people feel a sense of purpose, or that their dreams can become real. This is what Community Arts by ZK encourages and strives to achieve.



COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK was founded in 2016 by Zaneb Khatun, an experienced community artist and university lecturer, who returned to her home here in Pendle after obtaining an MA in Design for Textile Futures at the prestigious Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, London. Zaneb is a passionate advocate of using art to empower individuals and groups. On returning to the Northwest of England, Zaneb made it her goal to engage with as many representatives as possible from across the social and cultural backgrounds of the district.  Zaneb is committed to the needs of the modern world and is aware of the current issues in her community - she feels that with her experience, it is now her duty and responsibility to give something back to the people and the place where she was raised. In August 2019, COMMUNITY ARTS by ZK became a Community Interest Company CIC, registered with Companies House.

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